Reintrduction to the wild

Saving endangered wild animals

The Israel Nature and Heritage Foundation assists the Israel Nature and Parks Authority in various conservation and nature projects throughout Israel. The purpose of the foundation, as it works together with the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, is to ensure that species of flora and fauna are protected from extinction and risk. The foundation also works whenever possible to eradicate pests or invasive species. Among the prominent projects in which the foundation is involved is the National Sea Turtle Rescue Center, as well as the reintroduction to the wild of animals including fallow deer, vultures and oryx.

Reintroduction to the Wild

One of our most important activities is reintroducing endangered species to the wild. Two special nature reserves have been established for this purpose: Hai Bar Carmel, for species from the Mediterranean region, and Hai Bar Yotvata for species from Asia and Africa.
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