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Nature conservation for the future generation

Adopt-a-Class is a joint environmental education program of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority and the Israel Nature and Heritage Foundation, with the goal of fostering nature and heritage conservation in participating schools. Conservation of nature, landscape and heritage cannot succeed without environmental education of the future generation and instilling the values of these treasures.

About the Program

  • Adopt-a-Class is intended for children from low-income families in outlying areas, both geographically and socioeconomically, as well as those living on the conflict lines and members of minority groups.
  • The purpose of the program is to increase awareness of the immediate environment and of the treasures of nature, landscape and heritage among weaker groups in which environmental educational values are generally not taught.
  • The program is based on a series of meetings throughout the year, some in the school and some in national parks and nature reserves near the children’s communities.
  • Adopt-a-class enriches participants’ knowledge and acquaints them with their immediate environment.
  • In addition to field trips, participating students experience hands-on learning and research processes and take part in work that contributes to their environment: uprooting invasive species, marking trails, working information booths and other activities.
  • At the basis of this environmental-educational program is the recognition and the belief that a positive relationship to nature among schoolchildren and teens will help make them more aware and involved in the conservation of nature, landscape and heritage in our country.


The cost of the program for one class, including preliminary classroom meetings, is about $1,500 Dollars per year.

This sum covers the following expenses:

$300-400 (per bus per day)
$750-800 (6 guiding days)
Program coordination

Join us creating future generations of nature protectors

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