About us

About us

The Israel Nature and Heritage Foundation (INHF) is a voluntary association founded to protect and conserve Israel’s nature, landscapes and heritage sites. The INHF works in collaboration with the Israel Nature and Parks Authority (INPA) to achieve these goals and in particularly the following four goals:

Protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.

Protecting and reconstructing heritage sites for the benefit of visitors to national parks and nature reserves.

Education and public relations to instill the importance of the protection of nature, landscape and heritage.

Protection and fostering of flora and fauna.

Nature Protection
The foundation assists the Israel Nature and Parks Authority in protecting natural habitats and preventing the extinction of flora and fauna, protecting the cleanliness of Israel’s streams, conserving landscapes and sites that are an important part of Israel’s history and protecting agricultural and pasturing areas and forests that constitute a security zone for plants and animals, and stop uncontrolled construction from taking over these areas. The foundation is also involved in reintroducing wild animals mentioned in the Bible, which became extinct after the arrival of guns to the region, to their natural habitat in breeding nuclei in the Carmel and the Arava.
In Israel, which is deeply rooted in the Bible, there are treasures of nature, landscape and heritage from prehistoric times as well as remnants of Canaanite, Israelite, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Arab and Crusader culture. These are historical layers and landscapes that are significant expressions of human culture. That is their importance is great not only to Israelis and Jews Iiving in Israel, but to all lovers of culture and the Bible throughout the world. The foundation assists in the conservation of heritage sites in Israel, among them Masada, Sepphoris, Bet She’arim and others.
The foundation assists the Israel Nature and Parks Authority by investing special efforts in education to promote the conservation of treasures of nature and heritage. The Israel Nature and Parks Authority education system operates extensively among groups of a wide variety of backgrounds: Jewish, Muslim, Druze, Christians and Bedouin. Given the interreligious and ethnic tensions in Israel it is particularly important to instill a love nature, landscape and heritage among young people and the entire public, because these issues are above and beyond dispute and can form the basis for understanding, tolerance and coexistence.

Board of Directors

The Israel Nature and Parks Foundation raises funds in Israel and abroad, initiates cultural events and public activities to encourage awareness of nature and heritage in Israel. The foundation has friends’ organizations in Britain, Germany and the United States that assist in realizing its goals. The foundation’s general assembly consists of 60 members, representing the entire political and social spectrum in Israel. Members include scientists, economists, public figures and ordinary citizens imbued with a deep sense of mission in volunteering to further the foundation’s goals.

Board of Directors of the Israel Nature and Heritage Foundation, as of 2019

Maj. Gen. (res.) Matan Vilnai
Ms. Vardit Kaplan
Mr. Uzi Barzilay
Board of Directors
Mr. David Ya’ari
Mr. Ami Etgar
Ms. Nili Friedrich
Dr. Eliezer Frankenberg
Mr. Yuval Arad
Dr. Israel Peleg
Mr. Itamar Ben-Meir
Ms. Tamar Guy
Mr. Carl Perkal
Mr. Rony Malka

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority

The Israel Nature and Heritage Foundation directly supports the work of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority – the government body that oversees the protection of nature, landscape and heritage in Israel. The INPA works in three major areas: protection of ecosystems and landscapes, protection and fostering of heritage sites and nature reserves, and public information and education.

International Ranger Federation

The International Ranger Federation was established in 1992 to unite the world’s rangers and share knowledge. The organization has 70 member countries on all continents, and more than 100 nature conservation groups including the Israel Nature and Heritage Foundation.

Israel Nature and Parks Authority rangers are at the forefront of the struggle to protect flora and fauna in Israel. They work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Rangers fight illegal hunting, damage to the land, fires and anything else that threatens nature in Israel. The Israel Nature and Heritage Foundation assists rangers with the equipment they need to carry out their work. The foundation also encourages the rangers to join the International Ranger Federation.

Israel Nature and Parks Authority rangers represent Israel proudly at the World Ranger Congress. Many countries, especially from Africa, have expressed a desire to avail themselves of our extensive knowledge in the realm of illegal hunting. The presence of our rangers, sponsored by the foundation, at such conferences is very important to promote Israel worldwide. Our rangers also learn from the experience and knowledge of rangers in other countries.

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