Our Work

The Israel Nature and Heritage Foundation (INHF) works to directly support the Israel Nature and Parks Authority (INPA) in order to protect the state's biodiversity, conserve its heritage sites, and educate the general public, in particular the younger generations, in regards to the protection of nature, landscape, and heritage. The association works to raise funds in Israel and abroad to support the Israel Nature and Parks Authority's efforts, and initiates cultural events and public activities to raise awareness on issues regarding nature and heritage preservation in Israel.

Nature protection

As mentioned above, one of the Israel Nature and Heritage Foundation’s important activities is to assist the Israel Nature and Parks Authority in the protection of the state’s biodiversity, particularly in regards to the reintroduction and establishment of wildlife mentioned in the Bible and got extinct. For this purpose, two breeding centers were established, one in the Carmel, for Mediterranean type of wildlife, and the other, in the Arava valley, for African and Asiatic wildlife. The INHF has facilitated the INPA’s work in conserving marine habitats and their native species such as the Acanthobrama telavivensis, as well as protecting landscape through assisting with the INPA’S Open Space Project. Additionally, several species of animals have already released back into the wild due to assistance and aid from the INHF and the INPA, including, Arabian oryxes, and fallow deer. This procedure of reintroduction was performed in a very professional and delicate fashion, according to all international standards, and the process includes monitoring and ecosystem management for these species.


Another important activity is the restoration and conservation of cultural heritage sites, mainly those that have universal significance to all cultures and religions. Within these sites are the Banias Nature Reserve on the sources of the Jordan River, with its Greek and Roman remains, the Crusaders castles, like the Montfort, and the Byzantine remains in the Nabatean cities in the Negev, as well as some of the famous Synagogues in the Galilee. Furthermore, the Israel Nature and Heritage Foundation assists the Israel Nature and Parks Authority in order to protect its extremely significant historical sites, such as its UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Masada, of Tel Megiddo, Tel Hazor and Tel Be’er Sheva. Protection of these sites and their preparation for public visits and education is a major task that is done thoughtfully, professionally and delicately.


One of the Israel Nature and Heritage Foundation’s most significant principles is its desire to educate the public on issues that pertain to us all: the importance of protecting nature and our environment. The organization aims to do so through its facilitation of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority in their various programs to promote Arab-Jewish collaboration and harmony, working together for the common goal of protecting nature in order to cross cultural barriers and bridge societal constraints. A strong emphasis is placed on the power of educating youth and adolescents, considering that these are the ages that can have the largest impact, both on the overall attitude obtained towards nature and heritage protection, and on the environment itself, for generations to come. If these upcoming generations do not make intentional efforts in order to protect the area’s vital nature and heritage sites, the result in the future could be detrimental.