Israel Parks and Nature Authority (INPA)

The Israel Nature and Heritage Foundation is a direct partner with, and supporter of, the Israel Parks and Nature Authority (INPA). In August 1963, the Knesset approved the National Parks and Nature Reserves Authority, establishing two separate government bodies, the National Parks Authority and the Nature Reserves Authority. These two bodies were unified in 1998 to become the INPA.

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority (INPA) is a governmental body charged with the protection of nature, landscape and heritage in Israel.
To carry out these functions properly, the INPA has three main goals:

     1. Protection of biodiversity, ecosystems and landscapes in national parks, nature reserves and open spaces.
     2. Protection of heritage sites in national parks and nature reserves and fostering them for the benefit of visitors.
     3. Education to instill the values of protection of nature, landscape and heritage sites and to increase public awareness regarding these issues.

The INPA is a legally incorporated body under the aegis of the environment minister. Most of its budgets are self-generated, mainly through entrance fees to nature reserves and national parks. The INPA’s activities cover five regions, each of which is in charge of its particular nature reserves and national parks, with their diverse natural assets.