The Arbel Synagogue

During the Second Temple period, Arbel was an important town inhabited by sages, as well as a priestly order. It appears that the structure had at least two phases: the first phase dates back to the 4th century CE and the second phase from the 6th century CE. A feature of both was the special doorway, made entirely out of one block of limestone with doorposts carved with a floral design, medallions and a threshold. The building had rows of benches along three of its walls, and columns around three sides in an inverted u-shaped facing towards Jerusalem. In its second stage, an additional doorway was opened in the northern wall of the synagogue, and a niche for the Holy Ark was built in the southern wall.

Conservation Plan:

– Completion of the archaeological excavations of the area around the synagogue
– Conservation and reconstruction of the existing finds and those to be revealed in the future
– Landscape developments around the synagogue

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