Ancient Synagogues Restoration Projects

Nearly everyone who visits Israel has been to the Western Wall and Masada. These two ancient sites have been excellently restored and are carefully maintained for the public’s enjoyment, serving as important centers for education and tourism. Their stories give us a glimpse into the past, allowing us to connect more deeply to our roots and to understand the history, traditions and culture of ancient Jewish communities.

There are hundreds of ancient synagogues scattered throughout Israel that are much less frequented but equally as important. As many of them are in poor shape and a state of ruin, there is a great need to restore Israel’s ancient synagogues in order to preserve our heritage for future generations. The Israel Nature and Heritage Foundation is proud to announce an exciting new program that gives Jewish communities in North America the unique opportunity to “adopt” an ancient synagogue. We are looking for partners (synagogues, congregations, youth movements, day schools, summer camps and more) to help us bridge the gap between the past and the future; between ancient and modern; between Israel and the Diaspora.

Benefits Include:

• On-site plaque with community’s name
• To-scale replica of the synagogue created by an Israeli artist
• Artifact from the synagogue (i.e.: a stone or tile)
• Free access for celebratory events such as Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
• Tourism opportunities, including site visits and excavation digs
• Building a direct connection between your community and a piece of Israel’s heritage

List of Ancient Synagogues:

Masada Synagogue

The Baram Synagogue

The Synagogue at Korazim

The Arbel Synagogue

Beit Alfa Synagogue

The Caesarea Synagogue

The Tzippori Synagogue

The Ein Gedi Synagogue

Hamat Tiberias Synagogue

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