The Israel Nature and Heritage Foundation contributes to the work of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, particularly in several of their projects regarding the conservation and protection of heritage sites throughout the state. Protection of Israel’s historic sites and landscapes is of the utmost importance to the Israel Nature and Heritage Foundation, because these are the window into the history of this land and its culture, and they are of important historical significance to all cultures and religions. Israel’s historic and archaeological sites are assets that are hundreds, or often thousands of years old, and are the foundation of our culture. Since the dawn of history many cultures have left their mark on this country. The faith in one God developed in the Land of Israel, and it is rich in sacred sites to Judaism, Christianity, Islam and other faiths. Thus, the Israel Nature and Heritage Foundation assists the Israel Nature and Parks Authority with the conservation and preservation of vital historical sites that are significant to all, including the ancient Baram Synagogue and the Synagogue at Korazim, as well as the primitive caves of Nahal Hame’arot that show human life from around one million years ago, a site that is historically significant to all human kind. Additionally, the INHF and INPA work together towards the restoration and conservation of Israel’s important UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Masada, Beit Guvrin, and Tel Beer Sheva.

Ancient Synagogues Restoration Projects

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