Together for Nature Project

Jews and Arabs for the Environment

Activities and learning in, about and for the environment are experiential, value-rich programs that break down barriers – so very essential at this time. Let’s lead a change in behavior and work together for nature.

Together for Nature

In our country, like everywhere else, human beings influence their environment and are influenced by it. When their actions are environmentally friendly and considerate of values of nature and heritage, people enjoy the many benefits of the ecosystem. When their actions harm or do not sustain the environment, it suffers and pays a high price.

Protecting the environment is an issue that breaks down barriers and one that we all share, regardless of gender, race or religious creed.

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority, as an official body responsible for some 25% of the state’s lands, devotes much thought and resources to protecting ecosystems through enforcement, supervision, legislation, monitoring, and most of all, education, so as to increase awareness and strengthen the bond of our citizens to their environment.

Aims of the activities

The programs aim to produce citizens who are more aware and caring, who are partners in environmental protection, taking responsibility for their environment and willing to fight to protect environmental quality. The added value of these activities, in which Jews and non-Jews work together, is in its important contribution to understanding and coexistence.

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