Friends of the Dune

The Friends of the Dunes project will create change in perceptions and behavior to further coexistence between people and the environment for the benefit of the present generation and those to come.

Over the years, with the development of industry and commerce and a rise in the standard of living, unique habitats and many species of flora and fauna on and near the beach have become endangered. Open spaces, with their inspiring panoramas, have been greatly reduced and the pressures of urbanization and development continue to threaten them, now more than ever.

While damage to beaches is the result of long-standing neglect, in many cases it stems from lack of awareness by those who use the beach of the destructive outcome of their actions. If the impact of people on the beaches persists without such awareness, and without supervision and monitoring, complete destruction will result.

The INPA has therefore defined the beach, the kurkar (calcareous limestone) ridges and the migrating dunes as habitats of the highest priority to protect. Realizing the stressful conditions of flora, fauna and the marine environment, and out of a desire to effect educational and behavioral changes, the INPA has joined with other organizations in the Friends of the Dunes project.

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