Adopt a Class Project

Nature Preservation via Education

Education is among the INPA’s most important long-term goals. Protecting nature, landscape, and heritage cannot succeed without the support of the community and its understanding of the value of these treasures. Exposing the next generation to the value of its immediate natural surroundings is one of the most significant tasks of the INPA in general and its learning centers in particular.

About the Program

  • Adopt-a-Class is a joint educational project sponsored by the INPA and the Israel Nature and Heritage Foundation, and is implemented in schools nationwide.
  • The goal of Adopt a Class is to enhance awareness of the immediate natural environment, heritage, and landscape among groups whose socioeconomic situation does not allow them to participate in educational activities for this purpose.
  • Adopt a Class is tailored to economically disadvantaged children in the peripheral areas and on the confrontation line, as well as to educational frameworks for people with disabilities, mainly children. It is designed to be implemented among both Jewish and Arab children.
  • Through a well defined series of trips, Adopt a Class can help students get to know the treasures of nature that surround them. Adopt a Class thus encourage the creation of a bond between the participants and their local environment, and create future citizens who are aware and involved in protecting nature and heritage in Israel.


The project is a means of bridging social gaps in Israeli society by providing exceptional experiences in nature for children whose families cannot otherwise afford this type of activity.
The INPA educational system operates extensively among a variety of populations, including Arabs, Druze, Christians, and Bedouins. In light of the inter-communal, religious-secular, and Jewish-Arab tensions in Israeli life, we view the inculcation of the values of nature, landscape, and heritage among young people and the public at large as extremely important. These issues are beyond controversy and therefore are a basis for understanding, tolerance, and coexistence.


The budgetary framework for each trip is NIS 4,000 (about $1,000). This sum covers the following expenses:

  • Bus transportation: NIS 1500-1700
  • Security guard: NIS 800
  • Tour educator: NIS 540-675 (for field trips and class guides)
  • Entrance fees to sites: NIS 7 per student (subsidized price)

The Total amount for adopting a class for one year, which includes guided lessons in class and three field trips, is NIS 12,000.

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