Among its work towards heritage and nature conservation and protection, the Israel Nature and Heritage Foundation also assists the Israel Nature and Parks Authority with their programs regarding education. The INHF aims to assist the INPA with various programs that aim to educate the public.

Focus for these educational programs is placed upon youth and adolescents, as they can have the most impact for the future of nature and heritage sites, and the content of these programs covers an array of topics that typically emphasize the issues regarding heritage and nature conservation, and the potential threat to losing these special commodities of the earth.

The Israel Nature and Heritage Foundation facilitates the Israel Nature and Parks Authority’s specific educational programs in order to make them more feasible, including assistance with the INPA’s Adopt-a-Class program, Friends of the Dunes program, and their Together for Nature program; each of which aims to foster different groups of young people, coming from all walks of life, to work together towards the common goal of nature protection and conservation.

Adopt a Class Project

Friends of the Dunes Project

Together for Nature Project