About Us

The Israel Nature and Heritage Foundation (INHF) is a voluntary association founded to help the Israel Nature and Parks Authority (INPA) in its important tasks of protecting Israel’s nature, landscapes and heritage. The INHF originally founded in 1984 as the Hai Bar Society and has evolved in the past three decades and renamed as the Israel Nature and Heritage Foundation, despite this its main goal remained the same – supporting the INPA’s work preserving our country’s nature, heritage and landscape.

The Israel Nature and Heritage Foundation works in collaboration with INPA to achieve three main goals:

  • Protection of biodiversity and ecosystems, and the protection and fostering of flora and fauna.
  • Conservation and restoration of heritage sites for the benefit of visitors to national parks and nature reserves.
  • Education and public relations to instill the importance of protecting nature, landscape and heritage.

Development within Israel over the next 20 years will be equal to that which took place over the previous years. Thus the Israel Nature and Heritage Foundation must constantly be on its guard, working together with the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, in order to prevent the polluting of the Jordan River and other streams, and to protect our natural habitats, agricultural areas, grazing land and forests—all of which are home to various species of flora and fauna—from destruction or uncontrolled development.
The INHF is also involved in the restoration and conservation of important heritage sites such as Masada, Tzippori and Beit She’arim National Parks. Additionally, the INHF also assists the INPA in its extensive educational efforts. These educational efforts aim to embrace a diverse audience, including Muslims, Christians and Druze, thus ensuring the participation of Arabic-speaking schoolchildren in all of its activities.

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