Board Members

The Israel Nature and Heritage Foundation work to raise funds in Israel and abroad. It also initiates cultural events and public activities to raise awareness on issues regarding nature and heritage preservation in Israel. The Israel Nature and Heritage Foundation’s General Assembly consists of 80 eclectic voluntary members, who altogether embody the broad spectrum of Israeli society. Among them are scientists, economists, public figures, laypersons, and more; all of whom possess a deep passion for their duties, contributing constant time and energy towards the association in order to facilitate advancement of its goals.

Listed below are the Israel Nature and Heritage Foundation’s Board Members, including the organization’s president, chairman, and secretary. Every member works on a volunteer basis, and regardless of their position on the board, and each person is incredibly passionate about their work, serving in a vital role, without which the Israel Nature and Heritage Foundation could not function to its best ability.

INHF - Board Members 2017

  • Avraham Bigger - President
  • Tamar Guy - Chairwoman
  • Israel Peleg
  • Shian Rose Ben Sira
  • Eliezer Frankenberg
  • Ami Etgar
  • Itamar Ben Meir
  • Liora Lnger
  • Nili Fredrich
  • Shlomo Reizman
  • Yuval Arad
  • Vardit Kaplan